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Radio of Magic is owned and operated by Guillaume Masquelier ( It is a French and personal web radio, totally free and available worldwide. It broadcasts the music, atmospheres and sound effects of the Disneyland theme parks® Paris.

Radio of Magic is not a commercial web radio and is not a promotional tool for Disneyland Paris. It is not sponsored by and is not affiliated with The Walt Disney Company, Euro Disney Associés SCA, Disney Enterprises, Inc. or any of their affiliates or related companies. The website remains the only official information site on Disneyland Paris.

Radio of Magic does not offer any possibility of downloading the broadcast content in any form whatsoever. Any request for the provision of musical files sent to Radio of Magic will be systematically refused.


Our website is hosted by o2switch, French 100% host, whose head office is located at 222-224 Boulevard Gustave Flaubert 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France. To find out how we process your personal data, see our privacy policy.

Our web radio is hosted by whose registered office is located at 99B boulevard Constantin Descat 59200 Tourcoing, France.

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Contributions and acknowledgments

Our warm thanks to our contributors, anonymous or not, for their contribution to our music library:

  • Believe in Magic
  • Benjamin (theDLPmusic)
  • Office1
  • Captain Nemo
  • DisneyGazette
  • Drake (from the Disney Central Plaza forum)
  • Mister Duck
  • Ohhrore (from Disney Central Plaza forum)
  • Disney-Planet


Radio of Magic has chosen not to broadcast paid commercial advertising on its web radio, and to provide free access to it, anywhere in the world. However, Radio of Magic bears hosting costs, as it is a totally personal project.

In order to reduce this operating cost, certain links and advertising inserts on this site are called “affiliates”: they allow Radio of Magic to receive a commission on purchases made on partner sites. The amount of purchases made through these links is not modified, this commission being deducted from the seller's margin: you therefore do not pay more for your purchase, and your purchase makes it possible to support Radio of Magic, which we thank you warmly.

Similarly, some articles may have been written as part of a partnership: in this case, a mention will clearly indicate this at the beginning of the article.

The advertising network used for affiliate links and advertisements is Tradedoubler, Radio of Magic being a member of the official program of Disneyland Paris.


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As this is an automated translation system, we cannot guarantee the quality or relevance of the translation. We have nevertheless chosen to offer an English version to allow our foreign visitors to navigate more comfortably on our site.

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