About Radio of Magic

Radio of Magic is a web radio dedicated to 100% to the musical atmosphere of Disneyland Paris. It transports you, wherever you are, to the magical universe full of emotions of the two Parisian theme parks. An internet connection is enough to listen to it!

Our web radio is accessible free of charge (excluding the cost of the Internet connection) all the time and everywhere around the world. It does not broadcast any commercial advertising.

Some statistics

Each listener listens to us for an average of 65 minutes, and there are an average of 1,000 listeners per week.

hours spent listening to web radio
different listeners
affected countries
Figures for the year 2022

Our media library currently includes more than 950 titles for a total duration of more than 58 hours.

In terms of audience distribution, 35% of our listeners listen to us in the afternoon, 32% in the morning and 24% in the evening (French hours). They are 58% listening to us from France, followed by the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States.
The 5 main means used to listen to us are the Deezer application, the Winamp software, an Internet browser, the RadioKing application and the Bose speaker.

The team

It is composed of only one person at the moment, and it is me, Guillaume, who is writing to you here. I founded the webradio and I manage its programming and its website on my free time. It is my passion for Disneyland Paris, and particularly its musical universe, that inspires me to regularly offer you new titles.

I created the first version of Radio of Magic in 2012 to keep it going for a few years before personal changes forced me to stop it. It was in June 2021, in the midst of the Covid crisis, that I relaunched this second version with, this time, no commercial advertising on the air. I totally and personally finance all the costs inherent in the daily management of the web radio.

For more information, do not hesitate to consult the Legal Notice, the Frequently Asked Questions and why not, Contact me.

Thank you for your loyalty, See you very soon on Radio of Magic !

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