"One day, my prince will come", sung by a man!

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Throwback to a promotional video broadcast in June 2020 on the occasion of the (first) reopening in July of Disneyland Paris after the first confinement of spring 2020.

Since 1937 and the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, this melody is known by generations of children who have one day watched a Disney cartoon. "One day, my prince will come" is a must in this enchanted universe and until now it was sung, most of the time, by female voices, more or less crystalline. In a promotional video broadcast on YouTube in June 2020, entitled "Magic doesn't exist without you", Disneyland Paris wanted to shake things up, while Pride Month, during which gay prides are celebrated in particular around the world, had just ended.

In this commercial, it is now a man who takes up the famous chorus of Snow White. A major first for the multinational and a way for Disneyland Paris to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community when, due to the pandemic, it was unable to organize the second edition of its "Magical Pride" during Pride Month in 2020. This spot features an aerial view of the well-known Sleeping Beauty castle.

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